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All Aluminum Small Flange Tri-Fold Rivets


See table(s) below for specifications.

Constructed from the highest grade alloy used in the industry, our Tri-fold rivets boast a breakload exceeding 700 pounds. Compared to common breakloads of 350 pounds, this rivet will set twice as tight. "Breakload" is what determines how tight a rivet will pull before the mandrel breaks/snaps. With a minimum grip of only .030", this rivet will extend to .400". Available in large and small flange design.

3/16 inch (.1875) All Aluminum Small Flange Tri-Fold Rivets

FOR ORDERS CALL (800) 433-3444

If you do not see what you need, ask us! We have over 12,000 rivets to choose from. Custom painting available for our rivets ... call for details.

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